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As seen on Andrew Mayne's

Perform Miracles only Skilled Cardmen, gamblers, cheats and Magicians know how to do without the years of hard work and practice!

A Closely Guarded Secret Known by Few!

Would you like the ability to go through a deck of cards, ANY deck of cards, and know the suit and value of each card just by dealing them without seeing the face

To locate, seperate or read any card by "feel" alone?

Deal a royal flush?

Perform Astonishing Magic effects?

Perform Book tests and Mentalism effects?

Cheat at "friendly" Poker nights? (not recommended)

Download UNmarked NOW and start doing this and much, much, more within a few hours!

***Get the UNmarked e-book only $9.99

click below to buy e-book, please allow up to 24 hrs for your file to arrive in your e-mail box

Download is in PDF form

***Book and Gimmick combo w/ black carrying case : $19.99 - Free shipping anywhere in the world!

***Please Specify if you are Left or Right Handed when ordering book and gimmick combo!

click below to buy Hard copy CD - Gimmick & Carrying Bag

Warning: UNmarked Gimmick isFor Entertainment Purposes only!

UNmarked Device Not to be used for cheating at cards, you could but it is illegal and it will get you hurt!

Don't do it!



Vanishing & Reappearing Finger Ring E-Book - click above to watch demo

Key points - Any ring can be used, no difficult sleights, easy to do!

Regularly $6.00 - limited time only $3.99


Coin Thru Head


 A coin is borrowed or provided and signed by your spectator with a sharpie. You then cleanly push the coin through your head, showing your hands empty throughout the effect. No switches or duplicate coins are involved. Click button below to order!

Regularly $14.99 - limited time only $9.99

3 Pack - Get all 3 -UNmarked, Airborne & Coin thru Head e-books for only $15.99 - Limited time offer! click below to order !


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