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Dear Restaurant Owner / GM:

What I Can do for your Restaurant:

Want more raving fans in your restaurant and more media attention in Albuquerque? That's the magic that I specialize in. My professional, elegant and non intrusive form of magical entertainment transforms a regular dining experience into a memorable event. I understand the restaurant industry and am adept at creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests and your staff. I can help make the guests visit to your restaurant more fascinating and give your guests more to rave about!

I will work with your restaurant to create a highly effective service and a marketing program that builds on the best features of your current establishment. 

Just a few benefits you will receive from my services -

How This will work for you

Ready to increase your restaurant’s bottom line? You probably want to know how I integrate magic into your guest’s experience and turn your customers into an enthusiastic sales force for your restaurant?

By providing an extra level of entertainment that goes above and beyond their dining experience and exceeding their expectations. The element of surprise gives customers something to talk about, So if you want more guests raving and ranting positively about their experience at your restaurant to their friends and family, you must delight and surprise them.

So what are you doing to create magical dining experiences in your restaurant? Because if you want your customers talking, you must first create an experience worth talking about! What is your business doing that is delightful, surprising and unexpected? Are you ready to give your guests something special that will practically gaurantee word of mouth advertising for you FREE?

My job is to make your business better for both your guests and your staff. I will amaze and delight your patrons while they are waiting in the lobby, while seated at their table, awaiting their meal or if there is a kitchen delay. The magic is performed only after the order is taken, never interfering with the food service or table turnover.

Slow nights? These are the best nights for me to perform to give your business a big boost!

busy nights? here are a few benefits:

Now that you're intrigued, contact me to set up a free trial night at your own restaurant. You have nothing to lose and there is no obligation. Trust me, your bottom line and your customers will thank you! Guaranteed!

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