Seance: The Haunted Magic Show

Do Spirits return? Tony says yes and proves it!


History of EVP (electronic voice phenomena)

Tony as well as a Magician is an avid Ghost investigator and has based his work on Thomas Edison’s little known experiments on communication with the dead through the use of radio signals. Some believe the only reason the radio was first invented was to “speak” to the dead…The first experiments produced surprising with the other side, the dead do indeed speak!

How it works:

White noise (a blank frequency) from any FM radio can often be used to produce Spirit voices, noises etc in your own home or venue and can even be recorded on a brand new cassette tape provided by you, if you so desire. (Brand new, sealed cassette tapes and any other audio equipment needed will be provided on request; you can and are encouraged to use your own Radio / tape player if you own one to be sure nothing is rigged)

Do you believe?

Imagine having your very own proof of life after death! Experience strange magic, paranormal events and truly spooky entertainment that will be talked about long after your party or function is over!

Contact Tony Today for the scariest and most unforgettable party experience ever!


*** Not recommended for young children, impressionable young adults or the very sensitive. This is a very eerie and real experience that some may find extremely disturbing

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